Bachelors degrees are constructed of two interrelated areas: (1) the ISOM Core component, which is the basis for all ISOM degrees with courses that offer training to turn churches into training centers, and then into church-planting centers; and (2) an additional Module component, which explores a specific area of ministry or captures the teaching of a single ministry leader.

The following bachelors degree is offered through VIU and CTS:

  • Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min)

The following bachelors degree is offered through CLU (CLU students must complete the Spiritual Intimacy Module):

  • Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min)


  1. Completion of ISOM Core, which is the first five Trimesters ISOM has to offer.

    1. Completion of five additional modules, from the following:

      • • Ministry Module

    2. • Maturity Module

    3. • Miracle Living Module

    4. • WOW Essential Module

    5. • Messenger Module

    6. • Messianic Module

    7. • Understanding Islam Module

    8. • Apologetics Module

    9. • Nation-2-Nation Module

    10. • Spiritual Intimacy Module
      (required for any degree from CLU)

    11. • Marketplace Module Standard 1

    12. • Marketplace Module Standard 2

    13. A 70% passing grade per module and an 80% attendance record.

    14. Degree fee of $200